Dan Humphrey was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1960 and has spent much of his life in Arizona. In 1982 he discovered painting in acrylics and went on to study art and work in the realm of graphic design while he continued to develop his fine art style and technique. 


After fifteen years of designing logos and marketing materials for his clients, Dan made a shift from graphic design to fine art when in the late 1990ís he began the direct selling of his unique contemporary paintings to private buyers.


In November of 2004, he temporarily put down his brush and with his wife Julie, left their home in Prescott, Arizona to embark on an extended tour of the West Coast. In September, 2005 they returned to Southern California where Dan established a new studio in Oceanside, California.


After six years, Dan moved back to Arizona so he could continue his pursuit of happiness in one of the hottest places on earth.